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The secure, collaborative notebook

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Organize your life

Whether it's bookmarks or passwords, files or shopping lists...Turtl organizes it all and makes it easy to find later. Sync across your devices. Leave nothing behind.

Protect your data

Turtl uses high-end cryptography to protect your data. Whether you're worried about information leaks, competitive advantage, or blanket government surveillance, Turtl works hard to make sure only you, and those you choose, can see your data.

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Collaborate and share

Just because Turtl is secure and private doesn't mean you can't share with your teammates or family. Choose who you want to have access to your data without compromising your security.

Organize and share using Turtl's Spaces.

Search your notes with text queries or using tags.

Write notes easily using Markdown format

We love privacy, but don't take our word for it. Turtl is open source and you can read the code yourself!

Want more control of your data? Install your own Turtl server at home or at work.

Turtl is a community project, and we love when people like you help out!

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