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Turtl lets you take notes, bookmark websites, and store documents for sensitive projects. From sharing passwords with your coworkers to tracking research on an article you're writing, Turtl keeps it all safe from everyone but you and those you share with.


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What is Turtl?

It's a private place to keep your notes, research, passwords, bookmarks, dream logs, photos, documents and anything else you want kept safe. Turtl's easy tagging and filtering make it ideal for organization and research whether for personal or professional projects.

Think of Turtl as Evernote with ultimate privacy.

How is it private?

Turtl takes your password from when you sign up and uses it to create a cryptographic key. It uses this key to encrypt your data before storing it anywhere on your device or on our servers. Neither your password nor your key are ever stored anywhere. This means that only you and those you choose to share with can read your data.

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Can I share with others?

Yes! Turtl lets you share with others and does so in a way that keeps your unshared data safe. You control what you share with others and everything else stays completely private.

Why did you build it?

Because privacy should be easy.

Now is a very important time in history. Every aspect of our lives is moving into the digital world faster than we realize. We use apps like Dropbox or Evernote because of their convenience, but in doing so we sacrifice our privacy. What data isn't sold to advertisers or stolen by hackers is carved up by government surveillance. The only way to keep private data private is to either not put it online at all or encrypt it. Encrypting your data can be a big pain. The tools are difficult to learn and one mistake renders all your work useless.

Turtl fixes all this. It incorporates the best cryptographic practices with a beautiful interface that makes you forget you're using an encrypted app. Best of all, it was built from the ground up to allow you to share with others, so you can collaborate together securely.

How much does it cost?

The hosted Turtl service is completely free until your profile grows past a certain size or you require certain features.

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Is it open source?

Yes. All of Turtl's source code for its clients and server are available online on our Github. Turtl's code is licensed GPLv3, meaning anybody can download and run their own version personally or in their company's intranet.

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