Audit of Turtl core

July 08, 2021

Turtl’s core library received an independent audit by a very helpful contributor, Johannes Hald (brycx). The Turtl core library is a component that is embedded in all Turtl clients (desktop, mobile) and is responsible for all client-side encryption and communication. It is vital that the core is secure, because all other parts of Turtl rely on it.

The audit found some important issues which will be addressed in the next few releases of Turtl. Although development on Turtl has slowed down recently, this is a good excuse to get more regular updates to our users.

The full results of the audit can be read here.

Johannes, thank you so much for your work on this audit and for helping to make Turtl better!

(Post photo credit: Philipp Katzenberger)