Last update: December 8, 2015


We have created this page to explain, very clearly and without legal speak, how we collect and use your information while the Turtl app is connected to our servers.

Note that this document will update as new features are added to Turtl. However, parts of this document that state that something will never happen will not be changed in any material way other than to clarify any possible ambiguity. When we say never, we mean it.

Information collection

Times when Turtl collects user information:

Information sharing/disclosure

Times when Turtl shares your information:

The above may change, but with the restriction that Turtl will never share your information with any third party other than a law enforcement agency which has a valid, legal court order mandating us to turn over information. We will not give your information to third parties.

Turtl has no third-party advertisements of any kind. Turtl will never have any form of third-party advertisement. Doing so would cripple the security measures Turtl takes to protect your information.

At times, Turtl may advertise, endorse, or promote features or other products, but at no time will any third-party advertiser be allowed to place any hooks into our codebase. Any advertisements run on the Turtl application will be run by Turtl and no one else.