Download Turtl

The desktop and mobile apps give you access to your data from any device.

Bookmarking extensions

The bookmarking extensions put a button in your browser that makes it easy to bookmark the current page you're on. This is great for *quickly* saving sites to read later or for creating a list of pages you frequently visit.

Verification of downloaded files

Want to verify your Turtl download? Follow these instructions:

  1. Import our public signing key into your GPG (key signature DEDF113E54248344163716B55C66FAD13222D757).
    $ wget -O turtl.asc
    $ gpg --import turtl.asc
  2. Grab the SHA256 signature file and signature file for the platform you want:
  3. Verify the GPG signature of the SHA256 file.
    $ gpg --verify desktop.sha256sums.sig desktop.sha256sums
    gpg: Signature made Tue, Jul 24, 2018  9:12:17 PM CDT
    gpg:                using RSA key 57CE4D9CD8D276B4
    gpg: Good signature from "Andrew Lyon "
    Primary key fingerprint: DEDF 113E 5424 8344 1637  16B5 5C66 FAD1 3222 D757
         Subkey fingerprint: B25B DF8F 8BB7 7454 ACFF  BA84 57CE 4D9C D8D2 76B4
  4. If verification succeeded, now you can compare the SHA256 sum of the download you made to that file's entry in the SHA256 file:
    $ wget
    $ sha256sum turtl-
    fb57740d84e6838d83035949477c061cc4d1879074ffb05a336a22cb37f8eb9b *turtl-
    $ cat desktop.sha256sums | grep windows64
    fb57740d84e6838d83035949477c061cc4d1879074ffb05a336a22cb37f8eb9b *turtl-
    If those two hashes (fb57740...) match, your Turtl build has not been tampered with. If the two hashes above do not match, then do NOT install Turtl!