Organize and share using Turtl's Spaces.

Choose who you share with and what they can do.

Search your notes with text queries or using tags.

Write notes easily using Markdown format

Turtl supports TeX math rendering.

Keep your profile backed up with import/export.

Full feature list

  • Different note types: text, bookmark, password, image, and file/document
  • Client-side cryptography to keep all of your data safe
  • Securely share with anyone without compromising the security of your data
  • Sharing allows different permissions ranging from read-only to full ownership of shared content
  • Find your notes easily. Turtl supports full-text search, filtering by tag (or lack of tag), and sort by create/edit date
  • Attach photos, files, and documents to your notes. Files are stored securely just like the rest of your data.
  • Browser extension makes bookmarking easy on desktop
  • Share to Turtl on Android for easy bookmarking and file uploads
  • Write notes in Markdown, an easy and natural way to format text
  • TeX math expressions in notes for math people (surround them by $$ to use)
  • Multiple translations (German, Spanish, French, and more)
  • RTL text support for our Farsi/Hebrew/etc-speaking friends
  • Export/import your entire profile for backup purposes or to move between servers
  • Semi-offline mode (you only need to be connected to log in)
  • A number of keyboard shortcuts for navigation the app without mouse (type ? in-app to see shortcuts)
  • An open-source server allows you to host your own Turtl data